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Cloud migration by enterprises has been on the increase recently because the cloud simply works better than so-called on-premises and presents the opportunity to start off without huge/crazy capital for infrastructures. It allows for Hybrid Data Center, thereby can enterprise to migrate part/segment of their infrastructure to the Cloud as necessary.

More so, every organization is interested in cutting costs which is one of the significant merits of cloud computing/data migration, other main drivers of cloud migration were disaster recovery, ease of management, and archival.

Cloud Computing (also referred to as the cloud) refers to a distinct IT environment that is designed to provide scalable and measured IT resources remotely. The cloud has reached its maturity. Hence, It is no longer try and error, untested, or risky product. Organizations don’t have to feel like they are taking a significant risk or being used to help work the possibilities out of new technology.


Cloud Computing Models:

Platform as a Service: provides a cloud-native environment and platform with all required to support the totality lifecycle of building and delivering web-based applications.

Infrastructure as a Service: provides computing resources (i.e., Servers and Desktops, Storage, Networking e.t.c.) on a pay per use basis.

Software as a Service: provides cloud (web) based applications or software that are accessible to users over the internet.

Benefits of Cloud Computing:

  • Develop and deploy applications faster
  • Reduce complexity with setting up infrastructures
  • No investments needed on physical hardware
  • Scales on demand to support usage needs and dynamic


  • Innovative services available on demand
  • Eliminated loss of data stored on physical hardware

Major Players in Cloud Computing

There are three (3) leading players in the area of Cloud Computing namely:

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS) by Amazon
  2. Microsoft Azure by Microsoft
  3. Google Cloud by Google


Why we choose Amazon:


AWS Cloud has become a safe haven since its inception in 2006 for new and existing industries to build their digital section, and this change is forcing the on-premise data center obsolete. Infrastructure reliability, compliance with security standards, and the ability to instantly grow or shrink the infrastructure is part of the benefits of the AWS cloud which helps organizations, regardless of size to meet their needs and maximize available infrastructure budget, all without upfront investment in equipment.


AWS has over 70 services offering that makes it the best for service integrations. There are 16 AWS regions and 44 available zones which make reaching targeted audience worldwide or reaching enterprise sites in a different part of the world visible and reachable without stress.




Amazon Web Service The Web Gurus LLC
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AWS Support by The Web Gurus LLC
AWS Support by The Web Gurus LLC


The Web Gurus Services:


Consultancy Services: As more enterprises move to AWS, organizations are charged with providing corporate oversight, security and cost controls across the entire cloud estate. Poor oversight often leads to overprovisioning of cloud services, wasteful and unplanned spending, and instances with open, unsecure ports.

We provide design, delivery, and daily operational support of compute, storage and virtual network infrastructure within the AWS cloud. We monitor and manage system software and infrastructure configurations, and our financial and governance services help reduce uncontrolled consumption.

We offer minimal orientation section to our clients so that they are able to annex the benefits of the Cloud and also technically be able to communicate their needs effectively at every point in time.

With a cloud infrastructure, you can expect to experience the following benefits to your business:

  • Cost-reduction
  • Full efficiency
  • Data security
  • Scalability
  • Mobility
  • Disaster recovery
  • Competitive edge

By using a cloud-based solution, a business can block a lot of dilemmas that affect organizations that depend on on-premises infrastructure.

Need a virtual infrastructure that is delivered or accessed via a network or the internet? Web Gurus can create and manage your cloud infrastructures  for you! Contact Us now to get started!

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