If you are a startup or your business is not generating expected revenue than we recom-mended you take an overview of the enterprise plan. It will give you great insight about customer acquisition cost, LTV, Most Promising Marketing Channel and many more

  • Lean Canvas
  • Traction Exercise
  • Traction Measurement Engine
  • Campaign Design
  • Strategic Business Planing
  • Buyers Persona

These reports are decided the architecture of marketing efforts and without architecture, it’s really hard to withstand.

Architectural Elements Of Business

Lean Canvas

As an entrepreneur, one of the most important tasks you can perform is getting your idea(s) out from your head into a tangible format so that you can communicate that with others
The key fundamental to Lean methodology is the elimination of waste — this includes time, processes, inven- tory and more.
Lean Canvas is a 1-page business plan template that helps you deconstruct your idea into its key assump- tions using 9 basic building blocks.
Key Element of lean canvas is

Buyer’s Persona

A buyer persona is a fictionalized characterization of your best customer(s) based on information about them and how they use your product or service. These descriptions mirror your various market segments, with names to match the type of buyer.

Personas help you better understand what your customers are:
Concerned about

Based on that information you can then customize different marketing campaigns to speak directly to the

User Persona

Personas are fictional characters designers use to reflect user types, pinpointing who they are and what they do with products in relevant contexts. Designers create personas from user data, to understand user characteristics, needs, goals, etc. and gain valuable insights into user journeys, and later, test prototypes.

Stays in context
Reflects a target user’s real behavior
What does the user want to achieve?
Faces realistic, relevant scenarios
Occupies a clear setting
Has visible pain points

This will help you to understand your product user behavior.

Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey is the process buyers go through to become aware of, consider and evaluate, and decide to purchase a new product or service.

The journey consists of a three-step pro-cess:
Awareness Stage: The buyer realizes they have a problem.
Consideration Stage: The buyer defines their problem and researches options to solve it.
Decision Stage: The buyer chooses a solu- tion.

Content Funnel

A content marketing funnel is a system that takes as many leads as possible through a step by step content flow, and converts them into actual customers who pay for your products or services.

There are 4 basic steps

Traction Exercise

The Bullseye Framework, by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares, authors of “Traction“, is a process that helps us focus efforts to figure distributions channels that actually work.
We commonly say that, what Lean is to product development, Bullseye is to traction.

While in Lean you try to understand which features you should build for your product, in Bullseye you figure and prioritize the channels for your business. By using traction exercise you will get to know below

  • Most promising marketing channel
  • Customer acquisition cost
  • Lifetime value of customer
  • Campaign runtime
  • Action item

Campaign Design

Why should you care? Don’t we know all about running marketing campaigns by now?
After knowing all this information now it’s time to utilize this information in to the actionable items.
What is a marketing campaign? A marketing campaign is a process that includes a series of activities or steps designed to alter the perception and behavior of customers or prospects.
Before building any marketing campaign, companies need to have a solid marketing foundation. This foun-dation should include strategic messaging, ideal customer profiles, and competitive positioning. It is only on this solid foundation that effective marketing campaigns can be built.
Before designing marketing campaign, make sure you answer the following questions:
Who is your target customer?
What is the goal of your current marketing campaign?
Can you split your market into meaningful segments?
What messages do you want to use or test to influence your target customer?
What are the best channels for your marketing campaign to reach your target audience?
How do you align marketing and sales?
How do you track and test the success of your marketing campaigns?

Traction Measurement Engine

A most common mistake done by every organization is that they forgot to get a track of every marketing activity.
When you are not tracking your marketing activity than you will be lost. No matter how many efforts you are put- ting you will not get data from where you are getting the customers.

Traction measurement engine help you track every mar- keting activity with date, time, channels you have used, how much marketing content do you have, how much you will require and which channel is performing best and which channel you should stop working on.


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